About us

About Us


Defying the limits,

Reinstating your Fantasy Cricket world!

We take it as our sole purpose to defy every limit and expectation and bring the impossible into an earth-shattering reality.

Cricket is integrated into our brains and lives, so we are by default set to love and adore and get overwhelmed over the game.

Fantasy cricket makes the emotions triple, and at the same time, it also helps us win something out of even those worst of days.

Given that we are set to fall in love over and over with the sport, why not make this love successful?

Join us on this voyage through discovery. Our team has built each and every bit of this app with nothing but our users in mind, so we would love you to check out the result of their love towards you!

Bring your team or find a new team or create the team and show them how an ace like you gets things done in the Fantasy realm!


We keep our vision in heart and mission on foot

Our mission is to strike the right chord with ardent Fantasy fans within a limited time frame. Our niche sports users receive personalized content - news, scorecards, live updates, and videos - tailored to their interests.


These have been the driving forces behind us!

A unique platform for sports nerds to stay up to date with an arena filled with sweat, grit and determination is our vision. We strive to become a destination for quick sports updates anytime, anywhere.
Let us be your fantasy fairies!

Know your depth

To know your play beforehand is a huge advantage. Dive deep into the happenings and learn more about the players ahead.



Follow the pitch and weather reports. Knowing how things went on that pitch helps choose between batters and bowlers.


Batters Vs Bowlers

Another drawback is selecting who to pick. If you cannot decide between a batter and a bowler, always choose an all-rounder.


In-form players

Choosing batters or bowlers and every other thing can be sorted, but choosing players in form can never go wrong for you.



Take part in multiple contests with different teams in order to increase your chances of having fun and entertainment.


From the Top

Choosing between players of two best teams is hard as it is, so let us suggest that you select top-order batters to score more.

Racing into Victory Line!

We can help you navigate this realm with ease