How To Play

How To Play

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The fun starts when you click the "Download" button on our site. Once the app has been downloaded, open it to start it.


Once the app is downloaded onto your device, register by providing your details and verify your credentials to begin playing.

Win & Withdraw

The results of your match can be verified or you can see your team's winnings by clicking on "My Contest" after the match is over.


Our entire fantasy sports system is based on equality. Freestrike Web Portal or Mobile App users are provided with the same budget and restrictions and must follow the same rules.


Freestrike closes all contests on the day of the official match start, regardless of matches' locations. This will ensure that no unfair advantage can be gained.

Competition Winners

Freestrike has an extremely transparent strategy for selecting winners, which helps build trust among fellow users, especially when contest winners and pool amounts are made public. Other factors to consider include:

Fantasy cricket is a sport for legends like you, and we will not deny that the realm lacks trailblazers like you. Join us as we take you on a trip down the lane as we give you notes on how to play fantasy online.

Step 1

Downloading comes first here, like every game. The link for download is available here on our website. Users can download the application to have a more personalised version of the game. This also helps them play anywhere at any time.

Step 2

Register with us once you have done downloading the app. The app requires details such as name, contact details, and bank details to transfer your winnings. The app also looks into your PAN and other verifications to make sure you are a legal citizen of India. This also helps us make sure that the user is 18 plus.

Step 3

Picking a match to compete comes in next. Users can choose any of the upcoming matches that have been listed there and choose which they would like to compete in. The entry for each game closes once the match begins.

Step 4

Picking your team is what makes this fun. You can choose your players from both teams. A maximum of seven players can be picked from each team competing in that particular match. Batters to bowlers, you get to pick each of them. Choosing your captain and the vice-captain comes with a huge benefit so choose wisely.

Step 5

Once you choose your team, you can create multiple teams to enter different contests. Entering contests makes this worth it. You can enter any number of contests with your team or teams and compete to win.

Step 6

Once the match begins, the scoreboard starts enlisting the scores. Users can follow it closely to know their standings. Once the game is completed, the scores get updated here, and the winner is declared. If there is any tie, the prize amount will be divided among them. Once the results are out, the winnings are credited.

Cricket Terminology

Get to the bottom of things!

All out

All out is when an innings ends due to the batting side running out of wickets, usually because ten out of eleven batters are out.

Batting average

A player's batting average is the number of runs they have scored divided by the number of times they have been out. Helps in ranking.


A shot which scores four runs if the ball touches the ground before reaching the boundary and scores six runs if it does not touch the ground before reaching the rope.


Taking complete control of a ball before it touches the ground with one or both hands. Fielders are not allowed to use anything additional.

Dead bat

It is a defensive shot in which the bat is held loosely or is angled towards the ground—used to reduce the chance of being caught off an edge.