Fair Play Policy

Fairplay Policy


Freestrike strongly believes that maintaining a fair play ethos is our primary responsibility in fantasy gaming. Without a doubt, fantasy games require knowledge and a systematic approach to be played effectively. We take several primary measures to keep our website Freestrike fun and user-friendly.


Our entire fantasy sports system is based on equality. Freestrike Web Portal or Mobile App users are provided with the same budget and restrictions and must follow the same rules.


Freestrike closes all contests on the day of the official match start, regardless of matches' locations. This will ensure that no unfair advantage can be gained.

Competition Winners

Freestrike has an extremely transparent strategy for selecting winners, which helps build trust among fellow users, especially when contest winners and pool amounts are made public. Other factors to consider include:

  • We use third-party sources that we trust to check and collect match scores
  • Quick processing and delivery of winnings to the user's account
  • The payouts for every contest are announced before the match

User Verification

On Freestrike, players must verify their age and residence, and we do not tolerate fraud or bogus identities.

Player's Responsibility & Security

This will be considered a money transfer or syndicate play if multiple player ids are created to play at the same table.