Responsible Gaming

Responsible Gaming


Your passion for gaming is respected by Freestrike. We have put stringent measures to ensure that you follow your game and be the best at it. We have developed a player-centric initiative called Responsible Gaming for Fantasy Games that outlines some carefully crafted rules you should follow to continue playing.

With this initiative, we hope to make your experience fruitful and interesting daily. The following are the salient features of our Responsible Gaming Policy for Fantasy Games:

  • The Fantasy Gaming Services we offer are entirely skill-based.
  • The fact that they are forms of entertainment and have attractive reward structures does not mean they are commonly used to generate revenue on a regular basis.
  • Please keep track of the time and money you spend using our services. We suggest you stop immediately if it is affecting you personally or financially.
  • Play from a positive mind and do not play to recover your "losses."
  • These games cannot be played with borrowed money.
  • Before continuing, ensure that your family and friends are in the loop.
  • Our services are also restricted to players under 18 years of age. Adults cannot allow minors to play through their Freestrike ID.
  • You should limit the time and resources you can devote to playing fantasy games online.
  • Using bank management should be considered cautiously and only with an amount you can afford to lose in the worst-case scenario.

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